What is URL Shortening?

It is a technique on the web world which shorts the URL (Uniform Resource Locator). This technique is achieved by redirect by linking those pages who has long URLs. Link shortner's basically helps in making clean and freindly links so they can be shared all over the internet. The main reason to shortify the link is to make it beautiful and easy for everyone because the regular URLs are too large and sometimes they do feel unpleasant for sharing.
Link shortners also work as a link encrypters as they hide the descriptive attributes of the URL that represents web structures, paths, data hierarchies, trasactions paths, and session informations. It completely hides to complex structure of the URL which includes hundreds of characters, numbers etc. This technique is also used by giant platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google etc to shortend the link. Thus, short URLs may be more convenient for websites or hard copy publications.

Why Short Links?

It is the best way to keep them active and easy for everyone to make the short and alive by giving them an encrypted protection layer or a simple redirect. It is hard to share long URLs over the text or instant messaging by using shortners links can be shareable and protected.

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What is the Technique?

In the process of shortening the URL every long URL is attached or assosiated with a unique key, which the the main part after the domain name. Unqiue keys are usually come after the slash "/" and usually it consists on numbers, small and capital alphabet characters.